Intercept Startup


Intercept Startup by Deziner Software is a cloud based business planning service. Many people who venture into the realm of foudning their own startup do not have a background in starting a business, Intercept Startup seeks to simplify the many facets of business planning for such people.


Deziner Software

Time Frame

2 Weeks

The Challenge:

My 3 person team, as part of this exploratory project, was tasked with designing a companion app to allow users to gain actionable insights into their heart health and physical activity. My team used Scrum methodology as well as Google Venture’s 5 day sprint outline throughout the duration of this project.

My Role:

Lead UX and interaction designer

  • Conduct user and SME research
  • Facilitated research synthesis process and the development of requirements definition and user personas
  • Participated in the collaboration of ideation and feature development
  • Sketched wireframes, created tappable and interactive prototypes, and conducted usability testing


  • Weekly progress reports
  • User personas
  • Application map
  • Annotated wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Final presentation to stakeholders


Domain and SME Research

My partner and I had very little experience with or knowledge of business planning so the first thing we needed to do was learn about the domain. We conducted research with subject matter experts in the form of in-person and phone interviews and card sorting. Talking with business experts was our main method of learning about the domain and gaining the understanding we needed.

Usability Testing

We also conducted a heuristic evaluation of the tool and conducted usability testing to find out where users were experiencing the most difficulties.


Usability Testing Synthesis

With post-it notes and pens at the ready we combed over our notes from usability testing to start synthesiszing the results. We took all of our notes and organized them using affinity mapping.

Requirements Definition

After synthesizing our learning it was pretty clear that there were some areas that we could focus on to improve the usability of Intercept Startup. We determined to redesign the dashboard, improve the onboarding process, simplify the navigation, and provide a better sense of direction.

User Personas

User personas were created to not only bring the research to life but to also help us make sure ideas and solutions were being focused on the goals our potential users might have.


Dashboard and Navigation Sketching

The first thing my partner and I did was work on the dashboard and navigation. We spent a lot of time reviewing the results from card sorting, and experimenting with different ways to organize all of the content in a way that was approachable, easy to navigate, and helpful. The two main ways we ideated was by writing out sitemaps and by sketching wireframes.


In addition to the typical information gathering that takes place during the onboarding process we determined to also have the user fill out additional information that is required by Intercept Startup but was not being asked for during the original onboarding process. We also added in a single screen that briefly welcomes and introduces the user to the tool.

Prototype & Test

Clickable Prototype

Using a combination of Sketch and Marvel I created a prototype to test the new design. I specifically wanted to see if users were less overwhelmed by the dashboard and were able to better understand where to go and what to do.

See the Prototypes

Involving the same users that participated in the initial usability testing I tested to see if the new dashboard design, IA, and overall functionality of the design was more approachable and easy to navigate.


Based on the results of testing I iterated upon my design and refined areas that testers found to be working but slightly confusing or areas that were unclear.