Nathan Llewellyn

User Advocate, Always


About me

Born and raised in the shadows of the everlasting hills I’m fueled by peanut butter, good tunes, and a love for making and creating. I’m first and always an advocate for the user, the people my product serves. I learn by observation and conversation. I gather people’s stories to inspire my work. I’m mindful of the big picture and I stress about each pixel. I simplify the complex, make the mundane beautiful, and the tedious enjoyable. By balancing the needs of users, the requirements of business, and the capabilities of technology I create innovative solutions, products, and experiences.

My process

I follow a version of the double diamond design process. While it is described here and in my case studies in a linear form it often involves returning to a previous step to iterate, expound, or try something completely new.

My work

Contact me

Whether you have a simple app that needs a little help or you’re looking for a designer to join your team, I’m currently looking for a opportunitites to stretch my UX skills and would love to speak with you about your needs. Please contact me using your favorite method below!